2017 USTA League
Alabama Mixed Championship -

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2017 USTA Alabama Mixed Doubles Championship
September 7-10, 2017 - Dothan, AL

This tournament overview provides players with all relevant information pertaining to this championship.  Players should become well-versed with the Tournament Overview and Championship Procedures prior to arrival to a championship.  The tournament overview and championship procedures can be found at www.alabamata.usta.com by clicking on the appropriate championship link.  Please note that either document may be amended at any time at the discretion of the Championship Committee.

USTA Alabama would like to thank each and every captain for their volunteerism and dedication to our league programs.  We recognize the amount of work in captaining and your work and commitment is much appreciated.  This championship event would not be possible without each of you.  Thank you!

Tournament Dates:  Thursday, Sept. 7-10, 2017 
Captainís Meeting: 
Location:  Westgate Tennis Center
Date and Time:  
Thursday, 9/7 1:00 pm for Mixed Doubles 40 & Over 7.0 Captains
Thursday, 9/7 6:30 pm for Mixed Doubles 18 & Over 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 Captains as well as Mixed Doubles 40 & Over 6.0 and 8.0 Captains

For those serving as a new captain to a championship event, we strongly recommend that you attend the meeting.

For experienced championship captains that elect not to attend the meeting, he/she should pick up their items prior to the start of their first scheduled match starting at 7:15 AM at the Westgate Tennis Center.  Please note that some matches may have split sites; therefore, it is important that you read your schedule closely. 

All captains are expected to relay to their team members all relevant items prior to championship start.    

Championship Tournament Staff:
Ruth Anne Bendall, USTA Alabama Director of Adult Leagues, Championship Tournament Director
Perry Baker  Ė Referee
Jeff Burns, Huntsville Local League Coordinator
Ken Vines, Birmingham Local League Coordinator
Becky Langstaff, Shoals Local League Coordinator
Meg Crowe, Tuscaloosa Local League Coordinator

Tournament Committee:  Ruth Anne Bendall, Perry Baker and Ken Vines
Local Tournament Chairperson:  Hubey Casey

Championship Contacts
Ruth A. Bendall, USTA AL Director of Adult Leagues:  
rbendall7@gmail.com; 205-541-1397 *For any questions, captains only may reach out to championship contacts. Players should go to captains with all questions.

Championship Facilities:

WESTGATE TENNIS CENTER, a softcourt facility and tournament headquarters

810 Recreation Road
Dothan, AL  36303  

Additional Sites:
Azalea Swim & Tennis, a softcourt facility
1210 North Pontiac Ave.
Dothan, AL  36303

Dothan Country Club, a softcourt facility
200 South Cherokee Ave.
Dothan, AL 36301

Wiregrass Tennis Center, a hard court facility
620 6th Avenue
Dothan, AL  36301

In the event of inclement weather, play may be under lights and on indoor courts if available. 

Official Ball:  Penn

Practice Courts  
Players will be expected to vacate courts from warm up at 7:30 am each day so matches can get started.  Match play could begin as early as 7:30 am.

Relevant Rules and Information
In your captain packets, you will find your MOST RECENT team schedule and championship procedures.  Please read over and be familiar with the championship procedures including the rainout policy.
All teams should arrive to their site 30 minutes prior to match time ready to play. Do not check in with the site desk until ALL players are present and ready to play.

         Scorecards for each match are in your packet.  Print names clearly (both first and last name).  Home team is on the left side, and visitor is on the right side.  Names must be same as on official roster in TennisLink.  We must be able to read your scorecard, as it will be used to enter results in TennisLink.  Our staff will be inputting results into TennisLink after each round.  DO NOT complete scorecards ahead of time.  If you turn in a wrong scorecard, we cannot give it back.

         Site Directors may pre-assign courts for each team match and will introduce each player to their opponents, so itís very important to have all players ready when your team is called. 

         Staying on schedule is contingent on getting players on and off the court as quickly as possible.  Therefore, one person from the winning team is to report scores to the tournament desk immediately after each individual match.  At the end of the team match, both captains report to site desk, review scores and sign scorecard.

         Do not bring alcohol to the site as no alcoholic beverages are permitted by the City.

         Pay close attention to the parking directions at any facility as your car could be towed if parked in an area where parking is not allowed!

         Teams are expected to complete all individual courts/matches scheduled.  A grievance may be filed against any team defaulting individual courts and/or an entire team match.

         Rain Delay #:  CAPTAINS ONLY: 1-800-592-1838 There may be a threat of rain throughout the tournament, and we will make every effort to update the hotline as soon as possible.  Even if itís not raining at your accommodation site, I would encourage you to call the rain hotline number as it may be raining at the tennis site.

         Award presentations will be at Westgate Tennis Center for the winning team.

         The winning teams will be eligible to advance to the USTA Southern Sectional Championships hosted by Litle Rock, AR and scheduled for October 6-9, 2017 

Reminders from the Referee

         Cell Phone/Pager Warning:  This is your official warning.  Please make sure all players have their cell phone and pager off or on vibrate.  If a cell phone or pager goes off in the middle of a point, the opponent may claim the point.  Friend at Court states the following:  While on court or during a match, a player may not receive information via electronic devices capable of receiving communications such as cell phones and smartwatches.

         No coaching is allowed and spectators including team captains should not be asked for their opinion.

         Scoring Format:  All matches will be the best 2 out of 3 sets with a 10-point tiebreak in lieu of a full 3rd set. The Coman Tiebreak Procedures will be used for all tiebreaks (including the 10-point match tiebreak).

         Changeovers:  The rest time for all changeovers is 90 seconds, except between sets which is limited to 2 minutes.  There is no break after the first game of each set Ė players simply change sides.

         Warm-Ups:  Players are limited to a 10-minute warm-up including serves prior to match play. If players exceed the 10 minutes, the players may be told to play regardless of where they are in warm-up, so itís important to stay within time on your warm-up.

         Medical Time-Outs:  The player in need of the medical time-out should not leave the court.  Immediately send someone not involved in the match to get a referee.  All medical time-outs will be addressed in compliance with ďFriend at Court.Ē

         Bathroom Breaks:  A player can take a bathroom break at any time but players should try to take breaks during changeovers or between sets.

         Rain Procedures:  If there is a rain delay, players are not permitted to leave the tennis center unless otherwise released by the Tournament Director and/or Tournament Referee.  If pulled from the courts due to rain, players must report their match scores in progress to the site coordinator.

         Point Penalty System (PPS):  The PPS will be enforced.  If a player is :01 to 5:00 minutes late, it is a loss of toss and 1 game for that player.  If a player is 5:01 to 10:00 minutes late, it is a loss of toss and 2 games for that player.  If a player is 10:01 to 15:00 minutes late, it is a loss of toss and 3 games for that player.  If a player is 15:01 minutes late, it is a default.  The Championship Referee is responsible for issuing defaults for failure to arrive on time.

         Note:  Matches are un-officiated and all issues should be resolved on the court by the players involved.  The Championship Referee should only be requested if all players on the court cannot resolve the problem on their own and if requested by the players on court.  Spectators are not permitted to request a Referee unless the players on court request it.

Social Media & Marketing

         Like us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/USTA-Alabama-804479939622609/

         Team photos will be taken after the final or conclusion of round robin and posted on the ATA Championship Website, www.alabamata.usta.com, by clicking on the championship link.

 Please be nice to the site coordinators and other volunteers.  They are giving up their time to provide you with an outstanding championship experience.  Players who display inappropriate behavior to any of the site coordinators, volunteers and/or tournament staff may be subject to a sportsmanship grievance.  This also includes any violation of the USTA Alabama League Code of Conduct.

Rain Delay Phone Number:  1-800-592-1838 to be used in the event we have rain delays and for schedule changes.  Calls should be made by captains only.