2015 Alabama Invitational Championship

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The following includes information and responsibilities for each team captain. Please review this information carefully and provide all information to your team members!

· In the event of rain, the Site Director may stop play and players will report their score in progress to the site desk.   Players will not be allowed to leave the site until released by the Site Director.   If needed, play will continue under lights or on different surfaces if necessary to keep on schedule.


It is the responsibility of the captain to obtain updates regarding match information through the rain delay telephone number.  Rescheduling due to inclement weather may not be reflected on TennisLink or on the ATA championship website schedule.

· The captain is responsible for checking his/her team in at the site of the match. Do not check in with the site desk until ALL players are present and READY for play. We request that lineups be submitted at the site desk 30 minutes prior to match time using one of the scorecards in your registration packet. A fifteen-minute default time will be strictly enforced, as will the USTA point penalty system.

· If a team has a known default (not enough players to field a complete team), the opposing team will have the opportunity to take their scorecard back and resubmit their lineup once it has been determined that the opposing team has players available for play.

· Winners of individual matches will take the balls and report the score IMMEDIATELY to the site desk.

· All matches will observe a 10-minute warm-up, including serves. Play is continuous. Players are expected to wear tennis attire appropriate for this event.  

· If a team defaults one position throughout the championship or withdraws from the championship after the schedule is published at www.alabamata.com, each player on the entry form is subject to a $75.00 fine. An appeal may be made to the Adult League Committee Chairman (Martie McEnerney at martiemc@gmail.com)  Deadline to appeal is one week after the conclusion of the championship.  Players are ineligible to compete in adult 18 & Over, adult 40 & Over, adult 55 & Over,  mixed 18 & Over, mixed 40 & Over, mixed 55 & Over,  tri level and combo doubles until the fine is paid.


· All players will abide by the USTA Rules and “The Code”. The server will call the score after each point, clearly and loud enough for the opponents to hear. Line calls will be made as accurately as possible, always giving the benefit of any doubt to the opponent. Remember that if you cannot call your opponent’s shot out, it is presumed good! Do not ask opinions from spectators. No coaching of any player will be permitted at any time. Please follow all rules of considerate behavior. Return balls from other courts promptly. Be ready to receive serve promptly. Always insure that your opponent is ready for your serve.

· All teams are expected to play all scheduled matches! Any team not complying will be subject to grievance procedures. In accordance with USTA League Tennis Regulations, any team forfeiting an entire team match for ANY REASON will result in all matches of that team previously played or to be played to be declared null and void. If all teams in contention for the Championships have already played the forfeiting team in good faith, the matches stand as played.

· Medical Conditions: Medical conditions include but are not limited to an injury, illness, and heat-related condition or cramping.

· Medical Time-Out: A medical time-out consists of evaluation time as determined by the referee plus a maximum of three minutes treatment time.

· Request for a medical time-out. A request for a medical time-out may be made by a player to the court monitor or at the tournament desk. During the match or warm-up, if a player suffers from a medical condition or believes that medical diagnosis or treatment is required, the player may request a one-time medical time-out for that medical condition. Subsequently, he/she may request another medical time-out for a different medical condition. Only one medical time-out shall be permitted for heat-related conditions and cramping in any match, even if the heat-related condition or cramping occurs to different parts of the body.

· Grievances & Grievance Appeals: Forms are available at each of the sites at the tournament desk. A copy of any grievance must be given to the opposing team captain by the captain of the team filing the grievance. Completed grievance forms are to be presented to the Site Director at the site of the match within 30 minutes of the completion of the team match. The committees involved will handle all Grievances and Appeals as promptly as possible. Unless requested by the committee involved, only the captain and the player(s) involved will be permitted at any hearings.

· Self-Rate NTRP Grievances filed 21 days prior to the beginning of the championship against anyone participating in the State Championships will be administered after the State Championships unless the Tournament Committee authorizes the administration of the grievance prior to that time. If the grievance is not administered until after the State Championships, points won by players will stand. Disqualified players and/or captains that are suspended will not be eligible to advance to the Sectional Championships, if applicable.

· Awards will be presented to Champions and team photos taken immediately after each level’s finals or end of round robin.